Cost-effective And Versatile – Debris Netting Is A Must For Construction Sites

Debris netting is one of the most cost-effective and efficient means to provide safety and ensure the integrity of a construction site. Netting works in a number of ways to keep workers, pedestrians, structures and equipment safe. Safety netting is that it’s portable, reusable and versatile.The netting can be installed in various ways:

Installed horizontally, debris netting installed helps ensure that falling debris from construction does not come in contact with pedestrians or other workers below site. Additionally, it protects the structure, and surrounding structures, from damage due to debris as well. Horizontal netting can also be placed on pits and other open areas during as a cost-effective means to prevent fall hazards by both providing a visual alert and physically blocking the open area.

Installed vertically, debris netting can provide a high-visiblity barrier to pedestrians in the immediate vicinity and prevent them from entering areas that are dangerous due to construction work being performed. Additionally, vertical netting contains debris and confines it to the work area, thus protecting streets and pavements. Netting can also serve at a guardrail system for protecting workers without the use of mid-rail and toe boards, provided the netting meets the applicable OSHA standards.

Debris netting is easy to install, remove, and store for future reuse. Making it one of the most cost-effective materials on a construction site.


Does Hail Netting Work?

Hail netting is a practical solution to hail damage. Anti-Hail nets are widely used in the agricultural industry; they help protect farms and greenhouses from stormy weather like wind, rain, snow, or hail. Hail netting helps prevent structural damage and prevents crop loss due to pests that damaged crops may attract.


Why You Need to Get a Shade Sail

We all enjoy sitting outdoors and enjoying a bit of nature while the breeze passes through. However, this experience can be tainted by the sun that glares down on us in all its anger. However, there is a quick solution to this problem: shade sails.

Shade sails are covers made from High-Density Polypropylene (HDPE) mesh, a recyclable plastic. Shade sails are beneficial for blocking the sun’s harmful Ultra-violet rays and allow you to enjoy yourself outdoors in summers, relaxing with a good book or just sitting there.

Arizona is known for its intense sun, causing people to stay indoors. However, with shade sails, you can indulge in outdoor activities without worrying about the sun. Shade sails come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, giving you many options to choose from.

Let’s see some reasons you need to get a shade sail.

5 Reasons You Need to Get a Shade Sail

Here are some of the many reasons you need to get a shade sail today:

Sun Protection

Although sunbathing can be good for you, too much is harmful. Especially if you come out of the swimming pool into the intense sun, you are likely to get a sunburn. The UV rays in the sunlight can darken your skin, damage your eyes and hair, and increase the chances of skin cancer.

UV-rays can also fade your furniture and wooden floors and damage the paint on the walls. A shade sail can block these harmful rays from entering your home, prevent damage, and keep your home cool.


Shade sails are versatile and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. This allows you to cover your outdoor space without worrying about whether it would fully cover it or not or look good or not. Shade sails can be used in your backyard, carports, patios, or pools. Jiacheng offers different styles and applications of shade sails that you can choose between.

Easy Installation

Shade sails do not require a lot of techniques to be installed correctly. They are easy to install using just a few strings. This also makes them easy to remove in winters when you want that extra bit of sunlight.


The assortment of colors and shapes of shade sails allows them to look good on their own, but when chosen correctly, they can complement and enhance the aesthetics of your house and yard. Shade sails are quickly becoming one of the most affordable beautifying of your home.


Shade sails are not only affordable but also durable and long-lasting. This saves you from the added cost of maintenance. Shade sails are also an easy way of building structures your house lacks. For example, if you do not have a garage, a shade sail can provide a way to protect your vehicle from sun exposure and rain.

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