Shade Net

A shade net is generally a synthetic fiber net made up of HDPE plastic, which reduces the intensity of direct sunlight according to the necessity of crops or others. Shade nets are used to protect agro products such as plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers from birds, insects, weather, etc.

Shade nets provide cooling via transpiration. It also controls humidity and makes the ambiance suitable inside the nets for plant growth and development. It is one of the most important benefits of shade nets. Their installation is very easy and no wielding is required

green shade net

Shade Nets are lightweight knitted Polyethylene fabrics which are brought in use to bring about the protection from Sun’s heat and the ultraviolet radiations which we or the plants might be exposed to unknowingly.

The Shade Net comes in a rather diverse range under the domain of fabric density. That is to say, the Polyethylene fabric density of the Shade Net can be anything between 50℅-90%.

A 50% dense Shade Net would allow only 50% of the light incident on its surface while a 90℅ would allow light no more than 10% to penetrate down it. To read the density of a Net Shade fabric, just subtract its percentage density rating from 100%. The remaining percentage is that of the light that is allowed to fall in through the shade.

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Product Features of Shade Net

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Details of Shade Net

Detailed Information of sun shade net

MaterialHDPE ( high-density polyethylene ) with UV stabilizer
Knitting typemono+mono; tape+tape; mono+tape
Tensile Breaking ForceLatitudinal ≥ 280N Radial ≥ 180N
Shade Rate20%~95%
Needles2 needles, 3 needle, 6 needles
Weight20grams ~ 350grams
Width0.5 m -12 m / 6′ 12′ 20′
Length10m/30ft, 20m/60ft, 30m/90ft, 50m/150ft, 100m/300ft, 200m/600ft or as your request
Colorblack, green, blue, sand, light green , white, yellow, etc.
TypeWarp Knitted
Useful life5+ years
PackingPlastic bag or Carton

Colors and Pattern

Colors and Pattern of Sun Shade net

Flat wire series(Tape net)

round wire series(Mono net)


FAQ about shade net


mono + mono shade cloth


mono + tape shade clothh


tape + tape shade cloth

Mono has a higher strength, and tap has a larger unfolding area. Mono fiber and tape fiber can be matched with different shade cloths according to different weaving forms.
  • The mono+mono shade cloth has greater toughness and strength, and a longer service life.
  • Tape + tape shade cloth has a higher shading rate and higher cost-effectiveness.
  • the mono + tape shade cloth is a combination of the two.

3 needles shade cloth

The concept of needles is how many needles are distributed in 1 inch.

  • In the knitting industry, the part composed of a set of warp threads and a set of weft threads is called a needle.
  • How many sets of warp and weft are distributed in 1 inch is called how many stitches.
  • This is a term used to measure the density of weaving.
  • The shade cloth is usually 2-needle, 3-needle, 6-needle, 8-needle.

Waterproof coating shade cloth

  • Waterproof shade cloth adds waterproof coating on the basis of ordinary shade cloth.
  • Waterproof shade cloth has more functions and applicable scenarios.
  • And because the coating increases the toughness and strength.

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Applications of shade net

Shade nets are a special type of net that plays a significant role in protecting the plants from the fierce heat of the sun, especially during the summer season. With the help of the shade nets, the crops are able to get adequate protection from excessive heat, cold waves, frost, hail, ultra violet rays, and a number of other atmospheric elements. This protection enables the crops to grow healthily under the right environment which is immensely beneficial for both the quality as well as quantity of plants.

Flowers shade cloth

  • Application: flowers
  • Knitting type: tape+tape
  • Shade rate: 50%
  • Needles: 3 needles
  • Weight: 60 g/sq.m
  • vegetable-shade-netting

    Vegetable shade netting

    • Application: vegetable
    • Knitting type: tape+tape
    • Shade rate: 45%
    • Needles: 4 needles
    • Weight: 80 g/sq.m
    Green shade fabric

    Green shade fabric

    • Application: flowers
    • Knitting type: tape+tape
    • Shade rate: 60%
    • Needles: 4 needles
    • Weight: 90 g/sq.m

    Gallery of shade net application

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